Courtney Clark Podolski

April 4, 2009 This morning started with smiles all around... Courtney was absolutely glowing with excitement for her big day. With her wedding colors being dark purple, we opted for a smoky purple look, which really brought out her gorgeous uniquely colored eyes. Everyone was in high spirits as they sipped champagne and got all glammed up! I had a blast on this one!

From the Bride:
"I am not even sure there are words to describe how amazing Kaarin and her skills are!! She did an amazing job! I was pretty desperate to find someone and so I looked on craigslist, crossing my fingers that I would be able to find someone! And I guess I was lucky that day because I found Kaarin! She was flexible and willing to meet on my schedule, she even did my make-up for my bachelorette! I loved the fact that Kaarin instantly felt like a friend, not someone who was just trying to make money! I have never looked more beautiful than I did on my wedding day and I owe it all to Kaarin! She kept me looking natural but at the same time she enhanced all my best features. I guess the only thing I can really say is that she is fabulous and I would recommend her to anyone! "

A special thanks to Bon and Jon Regala from Regala Photography!!

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