Danielle Adams: PROM!!!

June 6, 2009. Gig Harbor, WA. This is an especially touching story that I was able to be a part of.

Months ago I received an email from Jessica, Danielle's older sister, telling me the story of Danielle's battle with hodgkin's lymphoma. Below is the email she sent me.
Dear Kaarin,
I am writing to you on behalf of an absolutely amazing girl, my younger sister Danielle. Danielle is a senior at Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor. After finding a lump in her neck about 6 months ago, her final year of school was brought to a screeching halt when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a lymphatic cancer. All of her plans for senior year were suddenly put on hold so that we could proceed with treatment. Unfortunately, this meant that she had to give up cheerleading midway through her final season as well as any job that would help her save for a car, college, and a senior trip. Despite the curve ball life threw at her, Danielle has been an amazing source of inspiration to the rest of the family. She is always positive, no matter what is going on at the time. She even kept a smile on her face when her hair fell out and she had to start wearing a wig. I am so proud to be her sister and to see her get through this difficult ordeal with the knowledge that it's just another obstacle in life. Now that prom season is near, Danielle is more excited than ever to be done with treatment (scheduled for May 15th) and to move on with her life. Unfortunately, like so many families, we have been hit hard by the economy. With my dad out of work for the past year and massive medical bills looming it has become nearly impossible to fund the prom or graduation celebration that she deserves. I would love for Danielle to have to same opportunities I had my senior year by having the chance to be pampered on her prom night. Tony Bowls has generously donated the prom dress of her dreams and what I would ask of you is to donate glamorous makeup application for the day of her prom so she can relax, have fun, and have the chance to be the young fun girl who is finally cancer free. I know that it would mean the world to her and it would take her prom night to a well-deserved degree of special.


So, as you can imagine, this really struck a chord with me. A friend of mine passed away from the same cancer a few years ago and many people in my life were rocked really hard by it. I said YES before I even knew the date!! I wanted to share the story and photos with you all, as I feel SO blessed to be a part of Danielle's perfect prom story.

Don't you just LOVE that dress???

From Danielle:

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my makeup :) My Prom turned out to be an amazing night, and I will always be grateful for your kindness."

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