Rebecca Piatz

September 19, 2009 Ray's Boathouse, Seattle, WA. The first time Rebecca and I met, I was amazed at her unique sense of style (peacock feathers in the bouquets! I absolutely LOVED how different everything was!). She was so easy and fun to work with. I remember during the run through, all the makeup came together flawlessly, thinking, WOW, she looks AMAZING!! I had a blast with Rebecca, her mom, and her fabulous bridesmaids!!

From the Bride:
"I knew I wanted friends around me the day of my wedding and not a bunch of vendors. I had friends help with pictures, our cake, our flowers, and even our officiant was a good friend. Unfortunately none of my friends are that great with make up so I had to find someone I could trust to make me look my best. Luckily Kaarin was recommended to me by her mom (her best advertiser!) and she made the entire look of my bridal party come together. We all looked amazing on the day of the wedding thanks to her work. The make up didn't feel heavy, but it came across flawless in the pictures. She even made sure she had false eyelashes that would work with my hair color and skin tone. I had such an easy, relaxed time getting ready for my wedding and Kaarin is definitely to thank for that!"

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