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So a few months ago I was asked to fill out this questionnaire for the ladies at the Wedding Preview Event to use in a blog spotlight. So here is the post, and as you can see, I tried to get as creative as I could with my answers :) They even posted it on my birthday!!!!

WPE Spotlight: Kaarin Boyd Designs, July 18

Each week we will spotlight one of the incredibly cool wedding experts who will be a part of the Wedding Preview Event. These aren’t just your average businesses. They are unique and they offer something different from the norm. Each expert has been hand-picked to participate and has completely blown us away by their talents. We’ve decided to ask them questions that we assume won’t come up in a first-meeting.

Meet Kaarin Boyd, Makeup Artist
Kaarin Boyd Designs

1. One quirk of mine is: Over-accessorizing, but in a very charming way of course :)

2. I don’t know how to: Be away from my iPhone…hey, someone might need to get a hold of me!

3. I collect: Heart shaped rocks. I found my first one camping when I was 6 years old, and ever since then, they show up when I am least expecting them. The most special one I have found was right after my grandmother passed away (whom I was incredibly close to). I was standing in the middle of the church parking lot where her service was being held, and looked down because I felt something cold touching my toe. Sitting there was a perfectly heart shaped rock. I knew it was a gift from my grandma.

4. I have 2 tattoos. And they HURT!

5. One thing you’ll always find in my purse/wallet is: My camera! You’ll never know when there will be a photo-op!

6. I wish I could: Run out onto the field with the Seahawks at the start of a football game!

7. My favorite song of all time is: There are too many awesome songs out there to limit myself to just one… But this week? Because of the final scene in the movie Bridesmaids I am rocking out to Wilson Philips, “Hold On”! It’s an early 90’s classic!!! And who doesn’t love a great drum solo? Next week I bet it will be something totally summertime, like the Beach Boys or hopefully something to get me motivated to get to the gym!

8. Favorite quote: You can NEVER wear enough mascara, well, unless you are Tammy Fay Baker. -Me

9. I am a make-up artist for a living because: I love, more than anything, making someone feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside on their wedding day. There is something so special about the time I get to spend with a bride, right before she is about to put on her dress and walk down the aisle…. It’s magical really.

10. My fear is: loud chewers and losing my eyelashes in a freak scissor accident.

11. I was named after: No one, my parents liked the name Karen, but put a twist on it so I would have a unique name…Yet no one seems to remember how to pronounce it, so I use the fun little reminder my third grade teacher came up with.. you pronounce it like “Car in the garage, Car-in,” easy, right?

12. I am a middle of the day person because: I hate getting up early and once 10pm hits my eyes WILL NOT stay open. Even when I’m in the middle of an action movie in the theater. It’s so annoying!

Ok, Kaarin, tell us more…

I have been lucky enough to see the faces of a few brides grace the pages in features on various wedding blogs! It is so fun to see your hard work being admired by others!

My specialty is makeup that looks glamorous yet somehow effortless and completely natural. I want a bride’s natural beauty to show through, not be hidden! I like to perfect the skin and make the eyes stand out, and lashes are ALWAYS a must (they add that extra oomph!! It doesn’t hurt that someone’s wedding day is one of the most exciting days in their life, so the “bridal glow” is a real thing and totally works in my favor!

Doing makeup is a side job for me (I work at a software company full time, random, I know!); I like to keep it this way so that I can devote my time and energy to each bride because I, no matter what, want them to feel well taken care of on their wedding day. I take great pride and care in my interactions. It is not uncommon for me to become friends with the bride or someone in the bridal party and keep in touch long after the big day! I always wanted my business to reflect who I am as a person, and embody the experience I would want if I were a bride or a bridesmaid in a wedding. Each wedding I am a part of is so important to me, I am so thankful to be a part of someone’s big day!

How Did You Get Started?

I stumbled upon a career in makeup while at the NorthWest Women’s show in Seattle. I was getting my makeup done by who turned out to be the national director for Two Faced Cosmetics. She and I hit it off and she flat out asked me if I had ever considered a job in makeup. Well, being the girl that I am, had always thought how amazing that would be, but never thought my playing around with color and fashion and my obsession with red lipstick would become anything. I was introduced to a manager for the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom, submitted a resume, and was hired the next day! Working retail took its toll on me, so I switched gears in a BIG way and started a job at a software company in sales.

Makeup fell off the radar for about a year and a half until in November of 2008 when I received a very interesting email from a wedding planner in the Seattle area. She had seen my work in my best friend’s wedding photos and wanted to know more about me… long story short, she saw something different and gave me the chance of a lifetime, a HUGE wedding that January another in February, then another 10 throughout the summer. And things started rolling from there! I could not be more elated with how things have worked out. I do makeup in my free time allowing me to merge my “day job” and my passion. How lucky am I?

Here is the link the the entire blog, there are some amazing vendors being highlighted!
Wedding Preview Event Blog

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