Heather- May 26, 2012

I have to admit, I have an affinity for RED LIPSTICK... I love the stuff. Every so often, a bride wants a vintage look, and hearing those words instantly excites me :) When Heather showed me a picture of her dress, I immediately thought... red. Heather is a self proclaimed non-makeup wearer, so for her, a bold lip was a huge leap. But it sure paid off!! Look at how timeless she looks!

 This picture below is the PERFECT example of why false lashes are a must!!

 Could her daughter (bottom right) BE any cuter???

Testimonial from the bride:
I had the amazing experience of working with Kaarin. We met for the first time to go through a trial run on make-up and instantly we got along. Her upbeat friendly personality was exactly what I was looking for. As we are talking, I explain I am not really a makeup girl but I want to stand out at my wedding but still look natural, and have a vintage look and feel to go with the dress I was wearing. Kaarin knew exactly what I meant and what I wanted. The trial run was perfect. The day of the wedding Kaarin showed up ready to go. Kaarin knew exactly what would work best for the bridesmaids, making the makeup all look similar yet completely different. She joked with us and really took the time to listen to what each bridesmaid wanted. When it came to my 11 year daughter; Kaarin made her feel like a princess and so grown up to be wearing a bit of makeup but very light and tasteful. I was last to get the makeup done, and she took the extra time to make sure that everything was perfect, and changed the lip color to give me a better look then the original choice. Kaarin made me look the most beautiful I have ever felt in my life. I now wear makeup and realize that even just the little bit can brighten my day and make me feel beautiful. If you are looking for a friendly attentive individual I highly recommend Kaarin she helped make my wedding day perfect!

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