Lisa Michele Photo Shoot

Nov 22, 2008. Worked with Lisa Michele Iverson, a very talented aspiring musician, and did all the makeup, hair and clothing styling for this. She is also a close friend, so this shoot was especially fun for me to work on. Lisa and I, prior to the shoot, spent some time going over looks and ideas around the vibe she was going for. These pictures are for her new website, so it was incredibly important to capture her natural beauty and amazing personality. We chose five different looks and adjusted colors during our run through. What a fun and fabulous day this was!!!!! Please visit her site to see additional photos:

From the Musician:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kaarin on more than one occasion and she is absolutely fabulous. She was able to interpret what I wanted and executes it while still adding her own twist and creating an original look that fits with who I am. Kaarin always puts you at ease and has a professional attitude and you find yourself smiling throughout your whole experience with her. Kaarin is a woman you can trust immediately and she knows how to get you the perfect look. This girl has got what it takes to take you to the top!"- Lisa Iverson

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Kate said...

You do a fabulous job! I have seen a lot of your work, your clients look beautiful and natural:)