My Makeup Must Haves

Here are some things that I don't think any woman should live without!

Skin Care: Why? Great makeup starts with the bare skin. Take extra care to wash your face morning and night, and always remember to moisturize. Many woman have oily skin, what they don't realize is that by NOT moisturizing, your skin works overtime and is actually more oily than before.

Eye Care: The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive on our entire body. When removing your makeup, be as gentle as possible. I like to use Lancome BiFacil. It is a double-action eye makeup remover that activates when shaken and gentlty removes even waterproof makeup. I then follow with washing my face, moisturizing, and never forgetting my eye cream. I like to use another Lancome product. it is called High Resolution Eye, this eye serum contains ingredients that promote anti-wrinkle, help with puffiness and those pesky dark circles!

Brushes: Would Picasso have painted his masterpieces with his fingers? Probably not. Buying brushes is an investment. I have used MAC brushes since I was 15. If you care for them, they will last you for years and years. I make sure to store them in a brush roll, so they stay separate, and clean them once a week with MAC Brush Cleaner. If you do not have brush cleaner, a mild shampoo will work as well, but make sure to never use conditioner!! I simply add one part MAC brush cleaner to 2 parts water in a cup. I let the brushes soak for 10 minutes, and in warm water, rinse out the hair till the water runs clean. I then squeeze out the excess water, reshape the brush, and lay it over the bathroom counter to dry. Using the right tools on your face can help you and your makeup look flawless :)

Brows: Your eyebrows frame your face, so it is important to keep them in good shape. I suggest letting them grow out and seeing a professional eyebrow waxer to give them a great shape for your face. I am loyal to the Anastasia waxers at Nordstrom. See them once every 3 months, and just tweeze the strays with your Tweezerman in between. Another very important aspect of brows are filling them in. Many women shy away from this in fear of looking too "overdone" or their brows being too dark. I prefer to use a MAC matte eye shadow in a color 2 shades lighter than your hair color, this along with the #208 small angled brow brush. Using a small amount of shadow, use the brush like you are drawing in little hairs, or "filling" in your brows. Set with some MAC Clear Brow set and you will be amazed at what the difference will be!

MAC Prep and Prime Face: Why? By applying a small amount of this primer under your makeup, it will not only last longer, it will look fresher, and your skin will look smoother in texture. This is also a life saver if you have oily skin. Prep + Prime helps to curb sebum (oil) production.

Lip Gloss: Adding a little bit of shine to your lips can brighten your face and create a more youthful look on the mouth. My absolute favorite are MAC Lipglass, in any shade!
MAC Paint Pot: Why? Apply this creamy textured base on your eyelide and bye bye creased shadow! They work well alone or layered under shadow.

Bronzer: Why? Adding warmth to your skin can work wonders. I like to use NARS Laguna, it is made of pure pigment, so a little goes a long way. If you are looking for a more matte look, Bobbi Brown makes a wonderful sheer bronzer. I use a fluffy brush and sweep a small amount on the forehead, nose, and cheek bones. Anywhere the sun naturally hits is where you will want to apply this. Add a bit of your favorite blush to the cheeks and you'll look like you just got back from vacation. For evening, add a little more blush than you usually would for a more glamorous look. I love to add a bit of NARS Orgasm blush, a soft sheer powder blush that makes the cheek the perfect pinky-peach flush. It is a truly universally flattering shade that is a favorite of anyone that tries is.

Mascara: What woman doesn't love mascara? When you are in a rush, there is nothing like the quick fix of a little mascara to brighten up your eyes. The best combination is a good eye lash curler ( I swear by Trish McEvoy) and a volumizing mascara in black, or brown for you more fair haired ladies. If you want to pump up the volume, I suggest Hypnose by Lancome. Add a few extra coats for evening, and voila, fabulous lashes!

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